“Hard Work, Not Magic” by Michelle Devine Giese

Friday, February 5, 2016

Sometimes when I want something or want to do something, I “wish” it to be mine or to come true.  Wishing on a star was fun when I was young but it does not really do much for me as an adult. I have had to learn over and over the lesson that I need to do the work or take the steps to make my goals come true, they are not going to fall in my lap.

When I was in treatment for alcholism I kept hearing that if I could make it a year clean, then my chances for long-term recovery would increase.  I thought some magic wand could wave and bring me to a year of sobriety and all my troubles would be over.  Well, I had to do the work-I had to make the changes-I had to continue counseling-I had to go meetings and I had to stay away from using friends and places.  It was not magic; it was work and my desire to have a different life than the one I was living was going to do the trick, not a magic wand.  Once I got that year it was not magical, it was something to celebrate and be proud of but because I did the work to get there. The work still continues, but my life is very different than the one I was leading.

   When I started (at STEP) on the diaper line many years ago I wanted to be a keyperson-I wished I was a keyperson.  Wanting and wishing were not making my job duties change but having good attendance, doing the best job I could and letting my team leader know my goal could help me be in line for the next opportunity. So that is what I did.  A couple months later, I was a keyperson.  Then I wanted to be a team leader, so I did the best job I could as a keyperson. I came to work every day and when there was an opportunity for a team leader, I applied and could talk about work I had been doing as a keyperson. 

 Sometimes I forget and need a little kick in the butt that if I want a change in circumstance or outcome, or I have a goal,  I need to do the work.  I need to put steps in place and take them one at a time.