The History of STEP Industries Inc.

STEP Industries, Inc. was the inspiration of an executive of the Kimberly-Clark Corporation. He learned that unemployment was often a problem for recovering people, especially for those new to a sober way of life. The stigma of alcohol and drug addiction, a negative work record, or a lack of self-confidence often causes difficulty for recovering alchohlics and drug addicts people in need of employment.

His solution was to marry this ready and able workforce with labor-intensive projects from Kimberly-Clark and other companies. A board of directors was formed and a bank loan was secured. Step Industries opened for business with eight employees in the fall of 1982 at 905 Chapman Ave. in Neenah.

STEP Industries has a branch operation in Milwaukee, which opened in 1998.

STEP became ISO 9001:2008 certified in 2006.

A New Work Force

Since our beginning in 1982, Step Industries has hired over 10,000 people in AODA recovery. The employees have a wide range of working backgrounds, from experienced professionals to those who have never had a job. At STEP Industries, negative work records are disregarded and second chances at renewing a work record are possible.

Most applicants come from halfway houses or treatment centers, referrals from probation officers, or from word of mouth within self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. The average length of employment ranges between three and nine months.

Most employees just need the support, guidance, and steady work provided by STEP Industries. The environment at STEP Industries allows for each employee to become self-sufficient, show personal responsibility, and gain confidence at their own pace; one step at a time.

Sales and Services of Contract Packaging

STEP Industries is a 501c3 social enterprise.  STEP funds over 90% of the job program through its contract packaging services. 

The Mission

Apricity provides those impacted by substance abuse disorders a full spectrum of care including treatment, employment and support services in a safe, progressive recovery community. 

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2015 Annual Report
2016 Annual Report 

Board of Directors

Michelle Devine Giese

Karen Laws

Charles Gorham

John Pranica

Tammy Hemmen

Cor Bosselaar - Kimberly Clark 

Katie Blohm - Epiphany Law 

Dale Hulce- Keller, Inc

Dan Haak