The Employment Program

Rehabilitation is the process of being restored to a state of health and useful activity through training, therapy and guidance. Employment at STEP Industries can be an important part of this process for the recovering alcoholic and drug addict... one piece of the pie, so to speak. We are not a treatment center but we are a good opportunity to get life back in order and pointed in the right direction.

We also describe our employment experience as being an incubator... a place where the seed of recovery can sprout, strengthen and grow. Then it's time to move on... to be transplanted to another job, to return to school, or to whatever is next on the journey in this new life.

We can help. We offer support, hope, leadership and guidance. But we make only one promise... that if we stay clean and sober... and if we work hard... and if we can be patient... then good things will happen in our lives.   Click here for application process.

There are two stages to our program... Foundation and Transition.


Most people new to recovery need to get their feet back on the ground. So the first several months of employment are an opportunity to do just that…..to build a foundation upon which a successful future can be built. This is an opportunity to work on the damage done by addiction to work records, habits and attitudes. We will help assess that damage and then help measure progress towards healing and restoration.

Our experience since 1982, having employed over 10,000 alcoholics and drug addicts, teaches the importance of this foundation experience. Our most successful graduates report that these early days, weeks and months were essential to their stability and subsequent growth. Some say it's all about humility. Most are grateful for the opportunity to start over.


There will come a point in time when an employee outgrows STEP Industries. Many employees "take the bull by the horns" and find a new job or get back into school. Others need guidance in getting ready to leave and a few get stuck. 

We will work with our employees on vocational goals and on timing... what is right for each person. The average length of employment is 6-9 months. We believe strongly in finding the best path for each employee.

Many people find it unusual that we would hire, train and develop our employees only to be happy to see them leave. This is our mission at STEP Industries.

We see beyond any problems or past failures. The hill is not too big to climb. We are our employee's biggest "fans"... we are cheering for them each and every day. We see success in every new face.

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